Return and exchange policy

×| Thoughtful instructions|×
one, According to the provisions of the "Consumer Protection Act", (only consumers in Taiwan) are entitled to a seven-day hesitation period from the date of arrival of the goods.
two, Please remind everyone that "trial" cannot be provided during the hesitation period, so the product you return must be in brand new condition and completely packaged (including the product itself, accessories, gifts, warranty cards, original packaging, and the integrity of all accompanying documents or information) ), do not miss any accessories, do not disassemble and inspect the product yourself or damage the original outer box. The original outer box and original packaging are part of the product. If it is lost, damaged or missing, it may affect your right to return the product, and the necessary expenses for restoring it to its original condition may be deducted based on the degree of damage.
three, Since the customized products are completely customized according to customer needs, returns and exchanges cannot be provided (both domestic and foreign customers comply), please understand.
Four, If you require a return or exchange due to personal reasons, you will need to pay the return shipping fee in addition to the price difference that may arise from different products.
        (When returning a product, an additional 100 yuan (original order shipping fee) + 30 yuan platform handling fee will be deducted from the "product refund amount" (excluding shipping costs) during refund remittance, for a total of 130 yuan)
×| Return and Refund Application Instructions|×
one, Return application must be made within "seven days from receipt of the goods". Please contact customer service personnel for return operations (you can leave a message or E-mail or contact the customer service hotline).
two, The product must be in complete [new condition (not used)], including the product and accessories, including gifts, warranty cards, packaging attached to the product, and the integrity of all accompanying documents or information. "If depreciation occurs, there will be related refurbishments." Fees" "New condition, no refunds if damaged".
three, After the return application is completed, please return the goods to their original condition and send them together with the invoice to: 235 Yiqi Decoration Co., Ltd., 1st Floor, No. 32, Lane 72, Lide Street, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City. Please keep the registration receipt.
Four, ※Please note※It will be 7 days from the next day to apply for return. If the return operation cannot be completed due to being unable to be contacted or the goods not being sent back, the return application will be automatically canceled and no application will be allowed again.
×| Return product packaging instructions|×
one, Please do not attach the logistics list directly to the outer box of the product and send it. Please add an outer packaging bag to avoid damaging the outer box or original packaging of the product and affecting your rights to return.
two, Please include your name, phone number, order number, and address on the outer packaging of the returned goods to facilitate return inquiries.
3. If you want to return the goods, please write or call to inform us . E-mail: , customer service hotline: (02)2222-6568